A Time to Buy and a Time to Save

The last few months have been intense. We’ve been fearful of the virus and of losing our jobs or our savings. We’ve wondered if all of life is on hold, or if we can dare to hope for good blessings again. At Scott Newell Team, we believe there will still be good days ahead. As we move towards the economy opening back up in the Northeast, we believe this is a time to reset, be resourceful, and live wisely. Here are three things we know regarding homeownership during this time:

1. We know that interest rates for buying a home have never been lower. Therefore, right now is an excellent opportunity to buy your first home or downsize and buy a smaller home.

2. We know that many people will take the opportunity to refinance their homes and save money. Lines of credit are also very competitive right now.

3. We also know that many first time or existing home owners will need to look for competitive insurance.

Cheryl Lucas is a Licensed Insurance Advisor with the Marchand Allstate Agency serving the communities of Montgomery and Bucks counties with offices in Hatfield, Harleysville, and Warminster, Pennsylvania. She spends time with her customers so they understand exactly what coverage they need, and what their coverage actually means. Every client has a different home situation, so every client deserves an individual approach. Interested in discussing a competitive homeowner’s insurance package with Cheryl? Contact her directly at 215-608-1171.

Allstate Representative

The Scott Newell Team hopes to support our community in providing valuable information on homeownership and all that it involves. We would love to discuss your home buying or selling options. Please check out the team at www.intheneighborhood.com or contact Scott directly at 267-421-9266.

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