Get to Know David White, Buyer Specialist

Get to know David White

David White is a Bucks County realtor who has been with the Scott Newell Team for several years. Below are ten fun facts about Dave – which things do you have in common?

1. Dave and his wife, Sarah, are Christians who love the Lord and we enjoy going on missions trips all over the world.
2. Dave lived in Kazakhstan for 10 months as a missionary.
3. Dave has been to five of the seven continents.
4. Dave has a dog named Sadie – a very spoiled Shiba Inu.
5. Dave enjoys hiking with his wife, Sarah.
6. Dave enjoys traveling. In addition to Kazakhstan, he’s been to Israel, Nicaragua, Spain, Morocco, London, Guatemala, and Ecuador.
7. Dave is a passionate Philly sports fan.
8. Dave enjoys playing disc golf with friends (Check out his review of the Sellersville Disc Golf Course).
9. Dave’s wife, Sarah, is very artistic — but Dave is not at all!
10. Dave loves seeing his favorite musicians live and has been to more than 50 concerts.


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David White - Dog Sadie

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